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The Feast


The feast 2.jpg

Dina Shenhav | THE FEAST

 A long table is extra loaded with many different kinds of dishes, delicatessens, fruits, glasses of wine and more, all made of sponge. In the center a gorgeous lamp is positioned. The royal huge rich table is set for two diners only, sitting far one from the other, emphasizes the feeling of redundancy and decadence. The magnificent scene is particularly made to the exact details of the decoration ornaments of the dinnerware, the fruit and the food. The feeling of redundancy and exaggeration is felt stronger, relating to a gorgeous and fancy feast. The viewer is facing an unpleasant feeling of distortion, such as a literary oxymoron emphasizes the opposite of sustainability, energy of life and the connection to nature. Besides, the work is talking about the eating of a sponge food objects, which is an industrial uneatable material- although it looks so aesthetic and realistic.

Carmit Blumensohn

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