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Dina Shenhav | REST

Rest, "is a large scale sponge mosaic which is based on a newspaper photograph: documentation of a group of soldiers during the Second Lebanon war. A photograph which appeared in an Israeli newspaper immortalizing the soldiers as they sit together carrying their portables and with their rifles strapped to their bodies. Only their heads are exposed; it is unclear whether the helmets are attached or placed by their side, apart from one soldier still covered with one. They gaze spread into the distance, to points found outside of the frame. The eyes of one of the soldiers in the foreground is hidden behind the strap of a backpack. He holds a cigarette in his hand. The others grip their rifles. What is reflected in their eyes? What do their gestures conceal? Is it exhaustion? Anticipation or tension, sadness or fear, or maybe embarrassment: thoughts about home, about a friend from their unit, about a girl, about death, or maybe a thought no longer lives in their bodies? The bodies of the soldiers are subject to a state of stillness".

Michal Ben-Horin.

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