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Dina Shenhav  | Game Over

Curator: Dalia Levin

Dina Shenhav creates mosaic scenes with soft foam, using imagery originating from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The medium of mosaic evolved as an architectural component in the Roman and post Classical period. It flourished in early Christianity during the 4th-,5th and 6th Centuries in Ancient Palestine. By replacing the hard stones of the public historical mosaic with the intimate domestic foam used for mattresses, Shenhav undermines the region’s glorified heroic past. In this series, Game Over (2001), she uses television images from the current Palestinian uprising, the El Aksa Intifada, and the Lebanon War, thus infusing them with a sense of irony and absurdity and strengthening her feminist-oriented pacifist critique.


Tami Katz-Freiman.

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