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The Bed's Dream


1 The Bed's Dream.jpg

Dina Shenhav | THE BED'S DREAM

Curator: Kobi ben Meir

In the Installation "The bed's dream", all the furniture and objects in the room are made of soft sponge. The material makes the room become an intimate space. Being a sound absorbent material, the sponge also creates a peaceful environment that isolates the child from the hustle of the house and the street. This room is a transit object, replacing the warmth and comforting embrace of the mother. While falling asleep one's mind wanders between clarity of thought & ambiguity, vague consciousness. The floating bed in the installation, defies the laws of gravity like a fantasy of a loose body that is falling asleep loosing its sense of balance. Homogeneous color and a soft sponge implies the disappearance of rational thought, when the details are blurred and boundaries are no longer clear.

Kobi ben Meir.

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